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Introducing our game-changing Smart Hats—a fusion of style and technology that takes your headwear to the next level! Designed with a comfortable flex fit, these hats offer a perfect fit without the hassle of snapbacks.


But here's where it gets even more exciting: each Smart Hat comes equipped with a seamlessly integrated Smart Pod! No need to worry about attaching or losing your Smart Pod—it's already fused into the hat, ready to revolutionize your networking and brand promotion.


With the Smart Pod built right into your hat, you can effortlessly share your contact information, website links, and more with a simple tap. Just imagine the convenience of having your networking power directly on your head!


Stay ahead of the curve, make a statement, and enhance your networking game with our Smart Hats. It's time to wear technology with style and unlock a world of seamless connections.


Get ready to turn heads and leave a lasting impression—order your Smart Hat today and experience the future of headwear!


Excluding Sales Tax
    • A lightweight moisture-wicking cap that's extremely comfortable thanks to Flexfit technology.
    • Fabric 83/14/2 nylon/cotton twill/spandex
    • Structure Structured
    • Profile Mid
    • NFC
    • TAG 215
    • Memory: 144 byte
    • Frequency: 13.56MHz