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🌟 LIMITED TIME OFFER: Elevate Your Connectivity with this Smart Bundle! 🌟


Unlock the power of seamless networking and safety with our exclusive deal - Purchase This SMART PODS 5 Pack and receive a FREE SMART BAND! With easy iron-on application and NFC technology, Smart Pods revolutionize how you share information effortlessly. Both SMART PODS & SMART BANDS are compatible with iPhone and Android devices, these innovative accessories streamline networking on the go.


But wait, there's more! Enhance your style and connectivity with the FREE Smart Band, offering even more convenience and functionality. Perfect for sharing  your digital information with ease, plus you can take it off or leave on without having to change your outfit. The Smart Band is the perfect addition to your tech-savvy lifestyle.


Don't miss out on this unbeatable offer to upgrade your networking and safety game. Stay connected, stay safe, and make lasting connections with our Smart Bundle!  Hurry Before This Deal Disappears! 🚀🔥


Excluding Sales Tax
    • Easy iron-on application for hassle-free attachment to clothing
    • Utilizes NFC technology for seamless information exchange
    • Compatible with iPhone and Android devices for convenient sharing
    • Ideal for kids: parents can add Smart Pods for safety in case of getting lost
    • Perfect for pets: attach to collars or bandanas for easy identification
    • Useful for seniors: discreetly share vital information in emergencies
    • Stay connected and safe with Smart Pods - the ultimate networking and safety accessory
    • Dimentions: 1.5 diameter.
    • Made in United States
    • Utilizes NFC technology for seamless information exchange
    • Easy attachment and removal for user convenience
    • Available in black or white color options
    • Dimensions: 9.5 inches long and 0.7 inches tall
    • Weighs approximately 0.7 ounces
    • Offers all the functionalities of Smart Pods